BadASSes Abroad

A community for expat
Accompanying Supportive Spouses

Being a badASS is tough.

BadASSes Abroad is a global community for the expat ASS (Accompanying Supportive Spouse – or partner, but ASP isn’t catchy). Some use the term Trailing Spouse, but not me. I’ve never trailed anyone, so you won’t see that term used around here.

Living abroad is tricky. One minute, it’s blowing your mind, and the next, it’s breaking you in two. ASSes live outside of their comfort zone, and guess what? It takes loads of grit to survive that kind of daily grind. It’s reassuring to know we aren’t the only ones who feel like we’re losing our fucking marbles or our sense of self (identity, confidence and worth). BadASSes are the backbone of an expat couple or family’s existence and deserve mad respect from all that know them.

The intent of this group is to support badASSes all over the world. Maybe you’re a veteran badASS and know exactly who you are (I bet you’ve got great stories and advice), or perhaps you’re new to the expat game and haven’t got a clue about how to navigate what feels like a never-ending shit storm of new experiences. Here, we’ll cheer the wins (I went to the grocery store and found where they hide the tampons!) and work through the woes (I cry every time I try to make a doctor’s appointment over the phone because I don’t know what the hell they’re saying!). This will be a space to share expat experiences among those who will relate – other ASSes – in a judgement free zone.

Being a badASS isn’t about being perfect. It’s about falling down and having the courage to get back up, it’s about knowing your value and making yourself a priority, it’s about having the confidence to tackle new adventures, and it’s about living a life you find fulfilling.  So, let’s surround ourselves with genuine badASSery – honest, open, and relatable conversation about the other side of expat life. You know, the stuff you don’t see posted online.

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